Scarab AV
Ticker [BEETL]

San Francisco
Cardano Stake Pool

3 Bare Metal Servers

2 AMD Relays

1 Gig Fiber

Why delegate with Scarab AV? We do one thing for you – earn you compound ADA. All of our individual AMD based servers are super-fast and managed by an experienced Silicon Valley Baby-Boomer nerd. Help us help you, by delegating your ADA with Scarab AV (ticker [BEETL]) in Yoroi or Daedalus.

Staking ADA with Scarab AV Pool is a great way to earn passive ADA income. You can view it as earning interest on your ADA crypto holdings. By staking your ADA, you actively support the Cardano network by allocating resources to it and contribute to the stability of the network. In return for your support and delegation, you earn ADA tokens as a reward.

Open your wallet (Daedalus or Yoroi), go to the Delegation Center, search for us under the ticker [PRSMN] and click “delegate”.

No. Your ADA never leaves your wallet. You are only delegating your ADA to our pool so your funds stay safely in your wallet.

Under no circumstances should you ever send your ADA to anyone when staking. Your funds should always stay safely in your wallet.

No. Your ADA is never locked up and you can spend, or send your ADA whenever you’d like.

Rewards will be automatically paid to your wallet by the Cardano protocol after a block is minted (5 day period).

Our fee is 1%. We use it to maintain our servers and staking infrastructure.

Scarab AV Pool has Redundant Bare Metal servers, state of the art hardware firewalls, Gig Plus Enterprise fiber and multiple physically discrete redundant relay nodes. We are ready for the future of ADA!

We are an African-American owned Oakland based stake pool. The founder has decades of Silicon Valley technolgy experience from tech support to DevOps. He currently teachers Computer Science in a Title 1 school.

Do not expect to see us often on social media, social media is not our interest.

We are fosussed on operating our computers for profit. When we profit, you profit. Thank you ...